Our vision is to industrialize digitization

World’s biodiversity is rapidly vanishing. Yet scientific collections at natural history museums and other institutions boast 2-3 billion specimens.  Their information must rapidly be made available on Internet in order to boost scientific discovery and sustainable management of ecosystems.

In order to support these aims, Bioshare Digitization offers products and services in the following areas:

  1. Automated digitization equipment and integrated high-performance imaging lines
  2. Out-sourced digitization services
  3. Research and development of novel digitization methods
  4. Consultancy in a range of applications from biodiversity informatics to ecosystem management

Bioshare Digitization is a spin-out and successor of Digitarium, a global pioneer in mass-digitization. Since 2010, our group has built seven integrated mass-digitization systems for our customers — four for herbarium sheets, and three for pinned insects.

Our latest digitization line, built at our factory in Joensuu, Finland. Shipped to Canada -- see the news section.

Moving specimens