The herbarium line uses Interroll conveyors with MultiControl EtherCat devices and sensors, Beckhoff PLC industrial real-time computer, 24V power supplies of Balluff, Nikon D850 camera, LedGo lights, camera stand, 20 custom-built pallets, Easy-Conveyors rollers for pallet return, a control computer running Windows, and a camera computer running Linux.

The insect line uses Easy-Conveyors conveyors, custom built PLC, Nikon D810 camera, led lights, camera stand, 10 custom-built pallets, a control computer running Windows, a camera computer running Linux, and a gigabit switch.

In addition, a back-end Linux server is required for post-processing.

All systems use the same set of proprietary set of software built by Digitarium and (c) by the University of Eastern Finland.