The herbarium line uses Interroll conveyors with embedded electrical motors, MultiControl EtherCat devices and sensors, Beckhoff PLC industrial real-time computer, 24V power supplies of Balluff, Nikon Z7 camera (45 megapixels for 430 dpi), LedGo lights, camera stand, 20 custom-built pallets, Easy-Conveyors rollers for pallet return, a control computer running Windows, and a camera computer running Linux. The system measures 9 by 2 meters, requiring a room of 10 by 5 meters, and 120 or 240 VAC power. (Also a shorter 6 meters long line is possible, as well as L/U-shaped and circular lines.)

The insect line uses Easy-Conveyors conveyors, external electrical motors and variable speed drives (VSD, a.k.a. Variable Frequency Drive VFD), custom built PLC, Nikon Z6 camera (24 megapixels) for dorsal view, two 4K webcams for side views, led lights, camera stand, 10 custom-built pallets, a control computer running Windows, a camera computer running Linux, and a gigabit switch. The system is U-shaped, measures 2 by 2 meters and fits on table-top in a normal office room. 240 VAC power without Residual Current Device (RCD) protection is required.

In addition, a back-end Linux server is required for post-processing of data and images such as detection of the barcodes.

All systems use the same set of software built by Digitarium in 2012-2017 and enhanced by Bioshare Digitization.